Today I wanted to share things that I have started to take notice. If you care about the real estate industry you should be awake an paying specific attention who is doing what and how it will impact you.

First I buyers programs: Homeowners should understand that I buyers are in it for the money period. The impacts they have already had and the issues around them are starting to surface.

The impact in the Atlanta market is a small and good example: see https://www.atlantarealestateforum.com/zillow-to-sell-homes-in-atlanta/

With Zillow being a memeber in all the different MLS systems do they list homes in the MLS that they own or just place them on the mega platform?

What will the DOJ do about this and other groups, or did they already so something? I think we are already seeing how they are going to use the CFPB to now add enforcement. This is not just about I buyers as well as private lenders.

CFPB announced they have two recent hires.


On the surface that sounds good to protect the consumers, however history and the politics of those in charge will likely have strong political leaning. You will see one of the new hires was a senior member of the Open Society.

Eric HalperinĀ https://www.linkedin.com/in/eric-halperin-46512b11/

Lorelei SalasĀ https://www.linkedin.com/in/lorelei-salas-786164/

If you have any questions on the current DOJ cases look at Justice.Gov

I believe knowing who is doing what will impact my local markets, the question is when and how much.

Just in! Breaking news Zillow to kill its iBuying program 11/02/2021

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